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Handy Tips to Prevent Water Leaks

Escape of water claims account for almost 70% of claims within residential properties and many of these claims are avoidable with some proactive property maintenance and by following some basic tips. 

Bathroom Leaks 

The main cause of escape of water leaks in the home originate in the bathroom. Very often leaks can occur around the seals of the shower tray and door and also around bath seals which, if left for any length of time, can result in significant damage. A regular inspection around the seals can help spot any issues early. 

Your bath drain can also be problematic, particularly when the bath is made from plastic or fiberglass as it will flex with use and this can lead to a break in the seals around the drain itself and around the plug hole. The means that the water can escape underneath the tub which is often unnoticed but can cause extensive damage over time. If you can, it’s always sensible to see if you can remove a bath panel and check the floor below the tub to make sure this is dry. 

Sink Leaks 

Leaks around the sink can occur at the pipe joints and, in some cases, the pipes themselves. It’s always a good idea to check both thoroughly and at regular intervals. Water running down a pipe and any floorboard below can cause them to become swollen and rotten. 

Toilet Leaks 

The most common toilet leaks are between the toilet itself and the waste pipe or a failure with the concealed cistern valve. The leak will often occur each time the toilet is flushed. Toilets should be fixed firmly to the floor so if you feel any movement when sitting on it this may be indictive of the problems and you should take action. 

Kitchen Leaks 

Similar to bathrooms, always check your pipe connections and underneath the sink as this is often when leaks from loose seals can be detected. Appliances such as dishwashers and washing machines can also be the sources of leaks from faults or fault hoses etc. Regular checks behind or under these machines can help spot any potential issues early and avoid further damage. 

Accidental Damages  

A common cause for escape of water claims is accidental damage caused from taps being left on and the resultant overflow from a bath or sink. Always encourage your family, particularly younger members, to double check all taps are turned off when leaving a room.  

By following these preventative maintenance tasks, we can all do our bit to minimise insurance claims which, in turn, minimises any negative affect on your premiums. 

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